Looking for Storage in Dorset?


Whether you are moving house or simply trying to reclaim space and sell unneeded items, placing belongings into storage in Dorset for either short or long term periods can be an interesting experience for anyone. Our knowledge and expertise of the storage industry can certainly help make things simpler for you, if only to advise you on how much space your belongings would likely consume.

Although we have been known to squeeze a recommended 80 square foot collection into 50 square foot its advisable to have some breathing room, if only so the door stays shut after you’ve gone home.

If you’re moving house but would sooner plan ahead, rather chaos on completion day, then a short term storage option might suit you best. Your Man With A Van works with a number of trusted self storage and containerised storage companies in Dorset and the surrounding counties in order to offer our clients practically bespoke storage options. By which we mean flexible and accessible spaces including an adhoc/as-and-when collection and delivery service.

Storage options range from medium to long term and can be a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Moving items into storage is easy with the right storage provider and there are plenty to choose from, we simply make the move to and from a seem-less process, an of course we’re happy to hold your hand from beginning to end.

Given the time we’ve been working with storage companies, it’s no surprise we’ve seen our fair share of unusual items and awkward shapes and some create there own challenges for manoeuvring from one site to another but in 15 years of working the industry we can proudly say we’ve never had a crisis, nor a claim on the insurance although we always have it there because even with the best team in the world occasionally things go wrong and its our job to mitigate your risks as much as humanly possible therefore we can 99.99% guarantee the safety of your belongings for the time they leave your property and of course return.

A relatively unknown but great storage company that we personally use in Poole is is Safe & Dry Storage . A leading name in containerised storage, 24hour access & automated security with CCTV and fantastic customer service, we couldnt recommend them enough. Their state-of-the-art facilities ensure that your belongings are kept safe and secure, waterproof and insured. They’re based just off the A350 very close to the Poole Mercedes garage.  roughly 8 miles from Bournemouth towncentre and 12 miles from Ringwood.

We can also help with those all important packing supplies, double wall cardboard boxes and strong packing tape are no problem. Not sure what else can help? Feel free to give us call our team are more than happy to take your call and offer you free packing advice.

Moving out of your current property into a new one? Perhaps you have decided to renovate your home, and require storage until the project is completed? Or do you need some storage space for the winter season while you travel warmer climates.

We’re committed to helping you find the storage space solution that fits. Our dedicated, helpful professionals are experts at clearing the clutter from your life and home, they’ll help you decide what to move into storage, how much space you need and how long it will take.

We look forward to your call…